Classic Wall Caps – Roma

The Classic is a flat interval wall cap model designed for fences, terraces, balconies and handrailings.

Texture: Antiqued Marble

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Features & Compatibility

Wall caps act primarily as protection against the damaging effects of constant exposure to sun, rain, snow and ice. This adds extra strength and durability to walls and fences, increasing their lifespan.

Due to the automatic manufacturing process, which meets the European standards, with ISO certificated quality of the raw materials of superior quality and of the materials used, the fence accessories are long lasting and don’t need future maintenance to keep their appearance, which means that they have an increased resistance to bad weather.

STAR STONE wall caps are special products made out of coloured and mass-waterproofed composite stone. This means that they maintain their appearance and qualities for a long time without needing to be painted. This product is a part of the “Walls, Fence, Balcony and Terrace accessory” products range.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 3 cm



50x25x3 (Lxlxh cm), 50x30x3 (Lxlxh cm), 50x35x3 (Lxlxh cm), 50x40x3 (Lxlxh cm), 50x45x3 (Lxlxh cm), 50x50x3 (Lxlxh cm)

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