Read the following instructions before installing the Fence & Terrace Accesories:

  • Clean the surfaces to be installed for a better adherence of the adhesive. If the surface where the fence accessories will be installed is shiny or smooth, it should be sanded with sandpaper.
  • The old surfaces are checked for an adequate strength for installing. If there are dents less than 5 mm, repair them beforehand with adhesive.
  • The surfaces are cleaned of dust, dirt, grease or paint and degreased. If the surfaces are covered in mold and fungi they are cleaned with special products.
  • Before you start installing the fence accessories, cut the dropper 1-2 cm with a diamond bladed circular saw.
  • We recommend using a white adhesive for outdoor use.
  • Install the fence intervals with a 5-10 mm expansion joint.
  • We recommend installing them at a temperature between 5°C and 25 °C.
  • Rain must be avoided.

01. Checking the surface`s flatness

Check the fence`s or pillar`s flatness. If there are dents up to 5-10 mm they should be repaired in advance with adhesive, and if they are bigger, mortar is used in order to prevent waste of adhesive.

02. Measurements

Measure the distance between the pilar carefully to fit the pieces so that cuts aren`t necessary and an unaesthetic appearance is avoided.

03. Cutting

Interval wall caps that need adjustments can be cut to your desired size using a continuous diamond bladed circular saw or a water cutter. For corner pieces we recommend cutting at a 45 degree angle.

04. Dropper

Before mounting the wall caps or the fence interval caps cut the dropper with a stone or concrete diamond bladed circular saw at a 1-2 cm distance from the edge.

05. Preparing the adhesive

The inside of the bag must be poured into a recipient with a measured amount of clean water. (7,5 liters of water for every 25kg bag) Mixing is done vigorously, preferably mechanically, until a creamy, easy to handle, homogenous mixture is obtained. It should be left to rest for 5 minutes after which mixed again. Estimated applying time : 2,5 hrs.

06. Applying the adhesive

Spread the adhesive with a grouter on the back of every piece. This way you ensure perfect contact between the slab and the adhesive spread on the paving surface. The pieces can be cut depending on the needs using a continuous diamond bladed circular saw or a water cutter.

Spread the adhesive on the underside of the piece the same way.

07. Correcting the position

Repositioning the slabs must be done within 20 minutes of paving or taking into account the information on the packaging of the adhesive. Tap them lightly with a rubber hammer to ensure an optimal adherence of the slab to the wall. Don`t use tools that may chip or break the slabs.

08. Checking the status of the work

Check the flatness of the project every time with a bubble level.

09. Grouting

Expansion joints play an important role in weather resistance and we recommend they should be made with a spacer of approximately 5-10 mm.

The fence interval caps should be grouted using a high grain exterior grout. Application of the grout is done using a special tool for grouting or a grouting bag.

It`s important to keep in mind inserting the grout to a depth of 2/3 of the product`s thickness for greater resistance to avoiding cracking over time. Any excess grout will be removed with a trowel and wiped off with a damp sponge.

Use adhesive tape to protect the edges of the pieces about to be grouted.