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European quality and comfort has finally reached us. The most modern and popular models of fences, which have impressed the European countries, are also available on our market. This type of fences is extraordinarily resistant to any kind of weather conditions.

Turn your fencing wall in an architectural element, that valorizes the outside of your house!

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Modern fences differentiate themselves by the fact that they are designed for privacy and security, but also to bring significant aesthetic value to the property. Choose them in relation to the architecture of the area or your home.

We offer you a selection of modern facade fence models from the manufacturer MASPE and STARSTONE. They are the best-selling models of this manufacturer.

These models have a modern design and for each fence model there are pedestrian gates and car access similar in design. The modern and minimalist design is at the top of international trends and can be found in the most luxurious villas and properties in Europe.

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